Saturday, August 15, 2009

15 Months

I know its a couple days late but 8/8 i turned 15 months!! We have been very busy lately, and mom doesn't have a camera, except on her phone (let us know if u want pics texted to u!) I am the cutest thing on 2 legs and I know it. I am almost running and loooove to copy what everyone does and of my favorite words is NO :) These are pics from 8/8.

I got so tuckered out on my 15 month bday that I fell asleep in my high chair...the first time mom or dad has seen it was I tired.
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Shanti and Aimee said...

So cute! Shilah & Serena used to fall asleep in their high chair all the time :-)
Serena has progressed from saying "NO" to "No way, Mama!" Boy, they grow up fast...