Thursday, December 18, 2008

Living with Disaster

Sooo it's been a little while since we blogged because we were hit with an ice storm last thursday night...the worst in about 30 years so we are told. It is thursday now (a week later) and we now have been living without electricity for a week...more on that later. Last thurs night we woke up to the sound of the world coming down around us. Every 2-3 minutes we would hear CRACK or POP then whooosh as all the branches and trees in Shutesbury fell down around exaggeration but thats what it sounded like. When we woke up there was a tree on the car (Claire's cuz mine was getting a new transmission..luckily no damage except the side view mirror while it was getting cut out) and our world was an icy winter nightmare. We got a reverse 911 call (didn't know there was such a thing) telling us that Shutesbury was in a state of emergency and we were not to leave our houses because it was too dangerous (trees were still coming down everywhere.) We didn't know what to do because we had no heat at that point so we went over to Sirius with all the other heatless refugees and got warm by their fire until Mike came to save us with a truck and a generator!!! We stayed at his friend's parents house (Thank u Gilmore's) for that night and came home to the generator the next night. We seem to be in the part of Shutesbury that got hit the worst and today they finally got to our road to clean up and hopfully get us power...before tomorrows snow storm. The ice storm seemed to only hit high elevations and down in the valley (everywhere else but Shutedbury) just got a little rain. Needless to say we are fine...Cheyenne was such a trooper and seemed to enjoy her very first power outage! Thank you to everyone is helping is get through this :)

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Shanti and Aimee said...

Wow-- didn't realize it was that bad! Glad everyone is OK and we are thinking of you...