Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jazzercise Party

Today was a perfect summer day, and mom and I spent a lot of time outside lounging in the grass. I got to wear my beautiful summer dress, and then later we went to a Jazzercise party.

This is Patty...she is the best Jazzercise instructer ever and now after 25yrs of teaching she is retiring :( but still teaching Sat am classes :) I went the whole time I was in mom's belly, and now mom just started going again!! I must've recognize Patty's voice because I was so comfortable with her...she held me for hours and I didn't cry at all. To celebrate all her years of teaching a party was held for her that we went to. I was the life of the party...everyone (who had seen me in mom's belly) was so excited to meet me and I was passed around and talked about the whole time. Also everyone kept commenting on how good I am...I wasn't fussy the whole time I was there!
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